Saturday, August 15, 2009

OHP RADIO - Noonie Fortin - Martha Raye (Col. Maggie)

I personally have been waiting on this interview for a long time. I was great to sit down with Noonie and talk about Maggie (Martha Raye) and cover her life of service. She was a true inspiration to those who new her and we are glad to be able to highlight not only her career but her selfless service as well. Noonie has a wealth of information on her sites so please check them out

We did this interview while we had a lot of thunder storms going on from my end during our time together and you can hear it on the audio, we did not hear it at the time but it showed itself during the play back. I limited my side through editing as much as possible so I hope it is not too invasive.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In The Dirt Live!

This week was a great one, a tiring one. It was one where everything did not work out as planned on Saturday because for whatever reason the first part of the morning did not record. We missed a great in the dirt segment and some interviews with Mark Hudson, Arthur Cook and Bill Yarborough. The good part is that Butch and was joined by Cassie and we did another one on Sunday, which is what you will here today and I know all of the above mentioned to get their stories again.

It was a great show and I really had a blast. Thanks to all that came out especially Mark and his crew from Southeast Treasure Hunters that came from Alabama. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and we hope to do it again soon.

A special for today – After the “In the Dirt Segment” of Our History Project be sure to listen to the long awaited interview that Butch and I had with the Legendary Jimmy Sierra as we discuss the Whites Brand line of Detectors. For those of you that are looking to upgrade or just get it the hobby of metal detecting, Jimmy does a great job breaking down the product line on which one is best for you. We also talked about the history of Whites Electronics and what the future may hold.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

OHP Radio - Colin Woodard - The Republic of Pirates

This week we are please to introduce you to Colin Woodard. Colin is here to talk about his book “The Republic of Pirates. There are a ton of facts that I bet you did not know on this subject, I didn’t. It is a great show that goes back in time to a swashbuckling high seas adventure. Join us as we explore not only the Pirate culture itself, but those legendary characters that made our visions of pirates today what it is. You will also be surprised at how short of time the golden age of the pirates was that still gives us this vision even today. For a full Biography on Colin Woodard please visit his website and his book The Republic of Pirates can be found on Amazon.

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